My name is Zed Yasay. “Playfully Bold” is a phrase that best describes my design aesthetic. My current favorite color is green, but my favorite colors to work with are black and orange. My favorite veggie is the watercress and I crave adrenaline (roller coasters). 

As a kid I would constantly draw my name in different kinds of colors and sizes. I knew I wasn’t that great at it but I still did it because I loved it. The years went on and I still kept coloring and drawing and before I knew it I was slowly progressing until I got my first computer which was a Dell. I slowly began navigating my way through the internet and stumbled on a site called xanga. I maintained my own blog at a very young age until I got a hold of Adobe. I was so hungry to learn how to make my own banners so I taught myself photoshop at 13. The rest is history.

Who knew that my passion would take me to such great heights :) Although I graduated FIT with a bachelors in Packaging Design I am very much still hungry to learn and progress in the design world.

zyasay@gmail.com if you would like to connect !